About MLM

What MLM Marketing Business actually is?

MLM stands for ‘Multilevel Marketing’. It is actually a network, pyramid or referral scheme of marketing business where its distributors or promoters sell their products & services to their customers directly or indirectly (via their referral partners). The earnings of the participants are derived from pyramid shaped commission system. In easy words, distributors earn from two sources. One: by directly selling to the customers & other: by earning a cut or commission from the sales made by members who join under them or the members of the down line. In short MLM is also known as Word Of Mouth marketing scheme.

Hence in MLM business due to the large pyramidical structure payoff schemes, the management & control as well as distribution of gains & profits among the members becomes a very difficult & tedious task. Nowadays also due to deep internet penetration a business can also grow on global level & thus becomes beyond the human effort to manage it manually. In this scenario our MLM software comes to the rescue. Our MLM software can be used to control, monitor, organize, manage, and schedule your business with a simple click. In the techno world where ‘Time is money’, our MLM software always help our clients to stay ahead in the competition.